If there is no solution, Britons will have to take a Spanish driving test. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, this week posted an update on negotiations with Spain regarding solving the driving licence nightmare for British residents who missed the last window to exchange the UK licence for a Spanish one.

Initially the ambassador said that the problem would have been resolved in July, however that did not happen.

According to his latest post on Facebook, which has sparked further anger and frustration in the resident British community in Spain who have been parked up for the summer, he states: “The negotiations remain a top priority and teams are working hard to conclude them as quickly as possible.

"In the last two weeks, we have made further progress on the annexes and we and DfT (Spanish traffic department) are currently waiting for the Spanish to come back to us on some outstanding points. As soon as we have anything further to update on, we will let you know.

"We are very aware of the difficulties and frustration this is causing many of you – particularly in the heat of the summer. We read all your messages and continue to share examples of the difficulties being faced with the negotiating teams.

"A reminder that if you find yourself in a really vulnerable position, please do call our consular team on 0034 917 146 300 who will do their best to advise on any support that may be available.”

He may well read all the messages on Twitter and Facebook but they do not make very good reading. He is under mounting pressure to get the issue resolved and as fast as possible.