Certificates were given out. | Mallorca International School

After launching our House System in May 2021, we celebrated our inaugural House Day to encourage recognition, team spirit and community. Staff, students and even some parents took part in the whole school event by wearing their house colours. It was lovely to see the children recognising team members and their sense of pride in their House.

We held a whole school rally where we heard cheers from each Eagles, Falcons and Ospreys. There was a lovely spirited feeling in the windy winter air while the children from Primary and Secondary joined their team on the football pitch.

Part of the day’s events was to announce the winners of the House Logo Competition. Launched in November and resulting in over 80 fantastic entries across the school, the students and staff were keen to find out the results. Eagles won with the most entries, followed very closely by the other two teams. Staff had voted for two winning entries for each house, Primary and Secondary.

Certificates were given and the promise that the winning entries will be used to represent the Houses throughout the year.

Due to the great success of our house day and the positive feedback of the whole community we are looking into making into a yearly event