The first month of school at The Academy International School was great! The students enjoyed getting back together with friends, meeting new teachers and having introduction lessons to the new courses. It was wonderful to do away with bubble groups and to return to normality with full assemblies in both junior and senior schools.

We are very proud of how our very young Nursery children have settled into their new routine, getting to know their teachers, and making new friends. They have been having fun playing with new equipment and learning opportunities, and in sports enjoying the running games in the backfield.

We also are very proud of our IGCSE and IB students who reached excellent scores in their external examinations. We have had students joining universities in the UK, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Italy, and the USA.

Related news

Our Junior and Senior School scientists were straight back into experimenting in the labs. Year 9 have learned about how DNA causes inherited variation and have used special techniques to extract the DNA from kiwi fruit cells.

The IGCSE Year 11 Biology class are studying the structure of the eye and finding their blind spots. International Baccalaureate DP2 students have been learning how music is made by string and wind/brass instruments using standing waves on a string and in pipes. Year 5 have explored how much sugar is in some of the typical foods that the children may eat every day.

We are so lucky to have such great outdoor areas and the good weather allows for lots of different outdoor learning experiences. Year 4 have been out and about doing maths, life drawing and exploring habitats in science. Reception 1 had a lovely nature walk around school and were very excited to see the different animals and look at the fruit growing on the trees. And the Reading Buddies programme is up and running. The children in Year 1 met their Year 4 buddies and sat outside on the tennis court to read together.