Tree Designs and Splash Painting

Tree Designs and Splash Painting.

04-11-2020The Academy School

It was an amazing last week of the first half term at The Academy Junior School with all the students and teachers doing so many activities in the ‘great outdoors.’ We are so lucky to have such creative and enthusiastic teachers who really took advantage of our beautiful surroundings and the lovely weather throughout the whole week!

Year 7A and B looked at details in nature and discovered how beautiful things can look from close up. Year 4 are learning about the food chain and focused on crocodiles in this chain. They also enjoyed doing watercolour animal paintings and writing poetry inspired by animals and nature. Nursery visited the garden and foraged for interesting natural things. They used binoculars and magnifying glasses to explore nature’s patterns, colours and shapes. They made sensory trays and a small world environment for toy animals. They used fallen fruits from the garden to experiment with fruit printing. There was tree hugging and lots of laughter.

Reception 2 went on an Autumn hunt with clip boards around the whole school grounds. They loved doing art with nature, drew water pictures, chalk drawing and used the construction area.

Year 1 students were very creative with their natural tree designs and also creating pictures from things they found in and around their play area. They loved doing the Jason Pollock inspired paintings, a perfect fun and messy activity for outdoors. Year 6 had to design and make their own boats out of junk material. It had to be able to float, be streamlined and make it to the other side of the ‘river’. The students talked about which forces help it to move.

Our students in Year 3A had a fun challenge to create a human rainstorm while Year 3B were on a nature scavenger hunt to find all the natural materials they would need for their portrait designs.

Year 5B students created some maths board games that focused on the four operations. They also did a maths word problem challenge where students had to run to the correct operation and answer questions.

The school garden had a makeover during the week before half term. There was lots of busy gardeners doing some much needed weeding, preparing of the soil and planting. The students will now continue to care for the garden so that we will have a bumper harvest of all the healthy vegetables they planted.


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