Jenni makes her living coaching people who feel they are stuck and who need help to move forward. | Jenni Glad


July has come to an end this strange year and like many else I had hoped for different summer. I feel low on energy and slow to finish my chores. Sleeping has been a challenge the whole month due to the heat and my body aches after moving around. Nothing of this is strange though, as we just went through one and half years of profound ongoing threat to our health/well-being/life, social isolation, aggressive disinformation, political turmoil, and financial uncertainty. OF COURSE we are not functioning at our peak. I think in my case an office with A/C would make a huge change to my day-to-day productivity as well. So, this is a call out dear readers - if you have a nice and cold office spot available, please feel free to reach out!

This is the first worldwide crisis I and most of you have lived through and even though I have been through the economy crisis in the 90’s in Sweden, where my dad lost his company with 80 employees and my world got shaken completely, this is different. Due to the pandemic crisis, I lost my job and the company I have worked for the past six and half years, closed in June. As a straightforward person that I am, I want to find a solution of everything happening and move forward, today rather than tomorrow. But these are frustrating times where everything is not fixable, and patience is not huge, especially when some essential governmental paperwork is completely stuck for months and months, and there is no way to claim a solution.

I wanted to try something new and was recommended to try a success coach, so I meet up with Jenni Glad. Glad means happy in Swedish and she is indeed a person who seems very happy at first glance because she smiles a lot. “I grew up in the forests of Eastern Finland, lived half of my life in Helsinki and became a globetrotter in the meantime. I’ve been traveling all around the world and have lived in New York, London, Netherlands, Germany, and Bali. Now I’m located in Spain with my family and loving it here. I used to work for big international corporations being a busy business and IT woman. I managed big global projects and created new kinds of digital and mobile services and concepts for over 12 years. Even though I had got what I had wanted at some point, I slowly became unhappy,” she explains.

Jenni makes her living coaching people who feel they are stuck and who need help to move forward, and she dose it with a programme she founded herself that she calls Clarity Method and Conscious Creator programme.

“Every day I meet people who sacrifice their happiness and well-being to live the life, or do the work, they are not really motivated to live. Quite often they suffer from disorders like continuous stress, unhealthy habits, addictions, financial problems, success blocks, illnesses, unbalanced relationships, lack of energy and burnout. Many people are often doing what they think they should do and falsely believe they can’t make the changes they want and need or don’t even really believe it could be possible. Often, they have tried all kind of things, but they still feel they play small and know that they are the ones standing in the way of their own happiness and success.” Jenni works with hypnotherapy as a powerful supplement to her treatment. I hope the people who need it will reach out and get a couple of sessions with her to move forward because too many people are stuck right now.

Snake lunch in the mountains

Trying to make the most of July, I spent last week in the centre of the island, heatwave and all. I have not been up a lot this year and it’s a shame, because I like to move around the island and see all the changes that happens. The highlight last Sunday, was a popular restaurant with a natural lake in the mountains . It was one of the places I had put on the to do list for this summer because even though I have been here for over 20 years there are some places that I have not had the chance to visit yet. Kids loved it and enjoyed big steaks before they hit the lake. I was sitting up on the terrace with my cortado when I heard my youngest scream from the water “Mum there is a frog in the pool.” As I made my way down, I saw something moving in a corner of the natural pool, a big Herradura (horseshoe whip) snake crawling down to the lake to drink. Very natural and very special. When I moved here in the 90’s there were no snakes on the island to talk about, but now the one imported with the olive trees from the mainland, Herradura (Hemorrhois hippocrepis) are impressive and can be up to 2 metres long, however they are harmless unless they feel threatened.