Dear Sir,
What a load of Rubbish!
What a load of racism is more like it. I have never heard anything so outrageous as the comments by T. R. H. Lyons on employing cheap immigrant labour to classify the rubbish at the tips.

He/she thinks life is already complicated enough. Poor thing! If he/she lived in Britain there would probably be only one sack a week of household rubbish allowed, whereby the public are only too keen to classify their waste. When visiting friends in Germany in 1992 I discovered the house had lots of different types of small dustbins in the kitchen and they automatically classified their rubbish into green glass, brown glass, paper and cardboard, organic for the garden compost, tin cans and finally plastic. It really did not take much longer than scraping the plates all into one bucket. It is just the typical attitude of looking for cheap immigrant labour that has given the British a bad name in the colonies. Maybe that is the cause of the disasters that happen in places like Zimbabwe. And maybe it is just such people who like to employ cheap immigrant labour who at the same time hate seeing immigrant people living in their neighbourhood. No wonder there is xenophobia in Mallorca! I don't think I would like to have neighbours like T. R. H. Lyons either. I must start rethinking my definition of the word Nazi.

Anne Kay


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