Dear Sir, Having just returned from Majorca, a regular favourite holiday destination of ours, I may just be able to shed some light on why visitor numbers are falling.

Visitors have a wealth of choice in holiday destinations, having also recently visited Turkey and Greece, it is easy to see why tourists are turning away from Majorca. In Greece and Turkey, tourists are treated like favoured guests, where nothing is too much trouble, alas, in Majorca, standards of service are becoming appalling, waiting up to twenty minutes for a coffee being not too unusual. Worst of all is Palma Airport, which must have been designed by some drunken idiot, late arrivals at departure point delaying aircraft, simply by incompetence is now becoming the norm.

This letter is not my attempt at knocking Majorca, just a small way of letting others know what may be causing tourists to look elsewhere.

Brian Giddins


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