I had an experience this week which proves that shoppers are being well and truly ripped off at Christmas.
A few weeks ago I purchased an item from a store which cost 8'200 pesetas. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to return it.
There was no problem and my money was refunded.
But the item, which will prove a very attractive Christmas present, is now priced at 9'700 pesetas.
Even the shop assistant was red-faced.
So in a matter of two weeks its value had increased by 1'500 pesetas.
I am a firm believer in the free-market and I am willing to accept a small Christmas mark-up, but not 1'500 pesetas. This is disgraceful. I can understand why people do their Christmas shopping in November. Some form of price control needs to be introduced in Spain. And it is not just the high street stores. I am not surprised that the New Year last year was a flop because the prices which were being charged were totally outrageous. I thought Christmas was a time of goodwill.

This sort of unfair price increasing will not encourage people to spend more money. Quite the reverse.
Instead of trying to make a fast buck at Christmas perhaps stores and restaurants could leave their prices unchanged and they may find that they win more customers rather than losing them.

Jason Moore


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