Last summer the drought was so severe some parts of the island introduced water restrictions. The lack of water was one of the reasons blamed for a drop in the number of German holidaymakers. Now the Balearic government, heavily criticised for its handling of the water drought, has a water surplus of more than four million cubic litres and they are facing another crisis because no-one wants to buy it.

Basically, the island has so many water desalination plants now, bought in a major spending spree last summer, that there is far too much production. So last year we had a water shortage crisis this year we have a water surplus crisis. Even the reservoirs are half full. So what does the local government do with all its water? I have an idea. Perhaps the island's long suffering farmers would welcome cheaper water as they battle Mad Cow and Foot and Mouth disease. But I think this latest “situation” is another sign of government mis-management.

I have been at many press conferences with government officials outlining accurate figures on water usage. The local water boards know exactly how much water is needed. So why have we got a surplus?

Desalination plants are not exactly environmentally friendly. Perhaps the Balearics could start exporting water to the mainland rather than importing it. Or perhaps the local government could just get their figures right. It would be much easier.

Jason Moore


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