Dear Sir, In your columns of 22 March I read with interest your government's desire to “contain and dissuade tourism from invading the island”.
Being a Scottish hotelier involved in tourism, I wish we had your problem.
An overvalued pound sterling, excesses in taxation of fuel, VAT, and ever increasing costs related to compliance with euro regulations from Brussels, reduce tourist numbers.

However, on your island you have the perfect answer to the “too many tourists” problem. Yesterday, I visited the Port Andraitx tourist office seeking info on extending our holiday by a further week. I had scarcely opened the door and before I could ask my question the word “closed” was roared at me from one of three ladies around a card table.

Back on the street I concluded that this was the perfect way to dissuade tourism - start at the tourist office! S.W. Florence
Tourist police
Dear Sir, IN Greece they have a very effective “Tourist Police” force which helps to prevent unscrupulous traders from taking unfair advantage of tourists in this way.

Also, I read with interest your article in a recent issue about the possible provision for Spain to reclaim sovereignty of Gibraltar if it were ever to be relinquished by the UK. Unfortunately it is a long time since I studied this subject but if I remember correctly the Treaty of Utrecht ceded Gibraltar to the UK and in return Spain re–gained possession of Minorca. Is it possible that the termination of the treaty might result in the return of this lovely island to British rule?

Barry Emmott
Editor's reply. The people of Gibraltar have made it quite clear that they just want a greater degree of home rule but do not want to break off ties with Britain, therefore the Treaty of Utrecht is not broken. As regards Minorca, I think it is very safe and prosperous in Spanish hands.


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