Dear Sir,
I would like to express my support of Mr Graham Phillips' article in Thursday, April 12 edition of the Daily Bulletin referring to the approval of the “green tax” recently in parliament and how much I agree with his attitude towards this.

I feel sure it will bring long-term benefits to the improvement and preservation of these islands, which have been my home for the past 30 years, and there is no doubt that it is high time measures were taken. The fact that the introduction of this tax is causing such an outcry back at home in the UK is, in my opinion, because holidaymakers have had it so good for too long, but better late than never.

There has to be an understanding of the long-term use of this small extra charge and as Mr Phillips stated, taxes are levied in many other places and visitors accept them and have not stopped travelling.

Almost all my working life out here has been in tourism, in varied sectors and with several nationalities but especially for the British, and I am confident in saying that they have the best deal in value-for-money holidays abroad.

It seems the holiday companies have been falling over each other for so long to give their customers so much more for their money and too much “mollycoddling” during their holiday and I feel this has provoked a noticeable change in attitude and especially towards those giving them service out here, where to the point that they have become demanding, unreasonable, complaining and even disrespectful.

It has to be said that many have been brainwashed for sure by the media with the “if there's blame there's a claim” thrown at them everywhere so that it seems some people come here not to enjoy themselves, but to find ways to make, in my experience, shamefully obvious and unjustified claims on their holiday insurance - to pay for the next holiday possibly?

I think the new tax will have many far-reaching benefits, and hopefully with a reduction in visitors it could “sort the wheat from the chaff” so to speak, and help create a ”quality not quantity” situation and so stabilise tourism here for the future.

Yours sincerely

Linda P Nicholson.Palma


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