Anyone who thought that there would be plenty of time to get used to the euro was very wrong.
I was amazed to see that most shops are now displaying their prices in euros with the peseta being relegated to very small print. The process of conversion is going to be quick and painful.

I must be honest, I am still non the wiser about the euro and I feel its introduction in the Balearics has been badly planned and too little too late.
As the countdown enters its final days I am concerned not only about myself but the confusion which we are going to face on January 1. The two month “adaptation period” should be extended to six months with the peseta working alongside its new European counterpart. But like everything involving the single currency it's always a rush job. The first notes were rushed out so quickly that they didn't even have the Balearics on them, so back to the drawing board. With just two weeks remaining the starter kits are rushed out. Why two weeks before, why not six months before?

I seem to recall some-one saying once that there is nothing more serious that money so why the speed? You can safely say that the peseta will cease to exist on January 1.

Anyone who thought that they could continue to operate without the new currency faces a challenge -- banks will issue euros rather than pesetas.
My warning to fellow shoppers at the moment is to be careful and look at price tags closely because otherwise you may be in for a real shock.

Jason Moore


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