Dear Sir,

Good luck Señor Alomar in your venture, I have visited Paguera for 30 years, and the improvements that have been made are second to none. I wish you every successes with your venture, and hope I live long enough to enjoy them. Best wishes for your future, and the future of your wonderful island, Paguera is a prime example, and a showpiece to the tourist industry. Many thanks.

C.Y. White.y e-mail

What about the dog mess?
Dear Sir,

With regards to last week's front page photograph and headline “Welcome to Can Picafort,” good job you did not also picture the dog mess-covered promenade and pavements. The rest of the hotels may as well not have bothered opening.

Yours faithfully


Let's breathe fresh air again
Dear Sir,

As this (the tourist tax) is meant to be for the environment, why not start by electrifying that filthy, noisy, environmentally–unfriendly Palma–Inca–Sa Pobla railway line – then start outlawing the rest of the diesel transport in the island. Let's breathe fresh air again! (The Soller train has been electric for many years.

Richard Harding, Majorcaphile By e-mail

Why should hotels pay?
Dear Sir,

Can you tell me how the Balaerics' economy will be boosted when the hotels on the islands are going to take “it on the chin” and pay the tax? I thought that the idea was to bring money FROM OUTSIDE the area to fund the improvements? The fact that the hotels feel that it's necessary to do so is a condemnation of the Balearic Government. Unless I am mistaken, this looks like a case of taking money out of one account to pay bills which you have incurred on another account!

Tony G, Belfast, By e-mail


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