Dear Sir,
I haven't such faith in the UN as Ray Fleming. I do believe it will lose authority if it fails to use force if Iraq remains in breach of UN resolutions (today's Viewpoint). For many years it has lost authority with the government of Israel who has probably ignored/side stepped as many resolutions as Iraq.

In Tuesday's Daily Bulletin he argues that the facts do not justify urgent military action against Saddam Hussein unless the UN agrees. I don't follow the logic. UN opinions don't change facts. If the facts do not justify immediate action then don't act now. If on the contrary Iraq is an imminent danger does everyone have to agree before the problem is attacked? When the break up of Yugoslavia led to the killing of Moslem minorities it was not the UN who sent troops but NATO. In the Gulf War what was the contribution of 2 of the 5 permanent Security Council members China and Russia? It was the same as in Bosnia – zero. Tony Blair is much criticised in his World–Wide involvement. George Bush is also berated for America being a World Policeman. If we look at Europe at the start of 1800 disorder ruled in most cities. Only when Robert Peel set up and legalised the London Metropolitan Police did law and order become the norm in the capital and later the whole country. Let us hope that we are at this stage in Global terms.

Mike Lillico, Playa de Palma

Legal eagles

Dear Sir,
The UK Footsie Index is crashing wiping Billions off the value of shares. Britains Public Service Standards, Health, Education, Transport etc etc are at an all time low. The UK Government rules by spin and a web of deceit. The new Wembley Football Stadium is going to cost three quarters of a Billion pounds of which around 86 Millions are legal fees. Is there any truth in the rumour that the Legal Profession is the only aspect of the UK economy that is making a profit?

A G Martin, Notts.


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