Dear Sir,
My wife and I along with our friends Mr. & Mrs Holmes returned to the U.K.last Saturday – 28th. September following a very enjoyable holiday at the Hotel Marina Portals, Portals Nous. But can you “shed any light” on the vagaries of the postal service? Following normal tradition we sent postcards home to our family & friends – ours were posted on the 17, 18 & 20th. of September and those of our friends (Mr. & Mrs. Holmes) on similar dates.

The cards were all purchased along with the stamps at a shop in the village (English speaking proprietor) who advised us to use the yellow post box in the village and not the Hotel Mail box as this would cause a delay!!!! – as stated we returned to the U.K on 28th. September and at the time of writing none of the cards have been delivered.

We would be most grateful if you were able to help, perhaps by publishing this letter and/or advising who we might contact to further our enquiry.

Keith Barber. Leeds

Dear Sir,
What has happened to the postal service in Majorca? Cards taking over 2 weeks to arrive in the U.K. The service was better in 1957 when I first visited the island.

Yours sincerely,

Elsa Welford. Colchester.

Railway blues

Dear Sir,
As regular readers will know that I have long campaigned for the restoration of the Majorca railways system and so I was happy to see that there is now a serious intention to re-instate the line towards Manacor. However, I must agree with the residents of Petra that the existing old line must be kept. The idea of making a new line bypassing the town is quite stupid. If this suggestion was adopted the residents would not get the real benefit of the railway.

Peter Newbrook


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