Dear Sir,

I am writing to your paper in the absence of an address for the Tourism Board for the town of Can Pastilla.
Having never visited Spain or the Balearics before, I was somewhat reluctant to visit Majorca (a bigger version of Blackpool - or so I thought) Anyway my wife, persuasive as she is, convinced me to try Can Pastilla.

For the first time we booked an “all inclusive holiday and apart from the so called “evening meal”, it was excellent, especially the very attentive and caring staff.

This resulted in us “eating out” more than we had intended - but proved to be a blessing in disguise. The choice of cafes/bars and restaurants was excellent - superb food reasonably priced and again service that was hard to beat.

My wife reckons that Majorcan people are a totally different breed from mainland Spain which she has visited many times over the years.
Our visit was from 12 - 26 September and unfortunately at this time, I was walking with the aid of sticks. The accessibility of all places made this very easy for myself and also for my 82-year-old father in law.

The whole feeling in Can Pastilla is excellent - a larger area for the 18 - 35+ which is also excellent and of course we did visit from time to time. However if you wanted a nice, quiet, easy “chilling out” place - this was also available in Can Pastilla.

No matter where you go on holiday, you have to be aware of the possibility of mugging, robbery etc as unfortunately it does happen.
In Can Pastilla you were made to feel at ease and safe as one can possibly be these days discreet Police presence - but visible.
We have holidayed in many Mediterranean areas but at last we have found a place where, God willing, we shall return on a regular basis - and also with the very reasonably priced car hire - visits other parts of this lovely island.

The icing on the cake was to be able to buy your paper which not only gave home news such as sport, plus international affairs, the articles re Majorca and living on the island proved to be very interesting.

We shall be renting an apartment in future which will give us the freedom to experience more of the island lifestyle......
Many thanks to Can Pastilla - the Tourist Board and Council and especially - the people, for an excellent holiday - see you soon.

Yours sincerely
Thomas Brian Hope