By Jason Moore
I was slightly concerned to read that some Majorcan hotels will not open this Easter even though early April usually marks the start of the summer season. I am afraid to say that the season this year is not expected to really start until early June, which gives the island just three months to make enough money to live for the next nine months. Whatever, the spin from the local authorities all is not well in our principal industry. This winter has been one of the worst on record (not surprising when you consider the weather). Despite plenty of talk about encouraging more winter tourists they are simply not coming and who can blame them? This winter even the bigger resorts look like ghost towns and cheaper holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean are gaining ground. The local government puts plenty of emphasis on the German market, but with five million unemployed in Germany and their economy still suffering I can't see them saving the season, especially if they are watching their pennies. But there is some good news. The property boom shows no sign of coming to an end and perhaps the local government should start putting more emphasis on residential tourism rather than just the package holidaymaker. Times are changing and I think the golden days of mass tourism are coming to an end. I just wish that government policy reflected these changing times and they didn't try to convince everyone that all is well, when it isn't. We are facing a crisis situation, I believe, and if the winter weather continues like it has been this winter, then the summer season is going to get shorter. You can safely say that the present government policy is almost the same as it was 20 years ago even though tourism has undergone some major changes. The time has come to start planning for the future. The package holiday market will continue to decline and it is time that the local authorities finally understood this state of affairs.


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