Dear Sir,

IF I'm not too late to comment on Palma congestion, I'd suggest a thorough street reaming, a drastic decoagulating of the city's traffic arteries.
Failing the presence of Queen Boadicea's chariot with scythes on the wheels to slash the tyres of all the cars that double–park in every avenue, narrowing three lanes of traffic to a meagre trickle, it seems to me the city fathers have two choices: first, to put a dedicated team of officers on two wheels to slap a 100 euro ticket on every car they catch double–parked blocking a lane of traffic – which would bring a bonanza for the city – or, second, they could find me OO7*s old DB 6 with the extensible rotating augurs to tear a score up the sides of the cars belonging the the malefactors.

I'd volunteer to do that for free. I betcha the congestion would clear in days.

George Scott


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