By Jason Moore
I have been very touched by the deep affection many holidaymakers hold for Majorca which is cleverly evident in our Holiday Photograph feature. I also believe that we are extremely lucky to live on this beautiful island which many of us have made our home. Quite recently we changed the name of our Balearic news section to Home News. I thought this was quite a major step-forward because up until recently for many expatriates Britain had been home but Majorca was the placed where they lived. Thankfully, this have changed and “Going home, is going back to Majorca.” This clearly underlines the deep affection which all of us hold for this island and what it means to us. It was for this reason that I jumped at the opportunity when I was offered to the possibility of being able to give-away a Majorcan flag with the Bulletin in honour of Majorca Day this weekend. Initially, some people said to me that it was odd that we should be following the example of other Spanish newspapers and offering readers a Majorca flag. But I said that many expatriates who have made the island their home or were on holiday here cared for Majorca as much as someone who had been born and bred here. Majorca will always hold a special place in our hearts and it quite incredible the deep-felt affection for the island and all it stands for which exists between people which have been born far from these shores. This is an absolutely fantastic state of affairs and something the island should be very proud of.


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