Dear Sir, I WOULD just like to thank the young police woman in Santa Ponsa who decided to ticket all the cars along the Avenida Jaime 1 at 5.30pm the other day.
In her keeness to earn money for Calvia council she slapped tickets on any vehicle that wasn't moving, including ours.
We were on holiday and our hire car was legally parked with a piece of paper on the dashboard stating day and time of parking. If she had bothered to look she would have noticed it as she placed her parking fine over the exact spot where we had left the date and time clearly written.

So, we had to go to Calvia police station, speak to an officer who sympathised but said he couldn't do anything except give us a form to complete (in Spanish of course) and provide witnesses (which we could) to say that my husband was seen placing his date and time notice in the car.

Now, we were able to do these things but what about other tourists that cannot speak the language, know where the police station is, and know what they should do?

If you don't want tourists in Majorca – this is the right way to go about it.
Shame on you Calvia! And if we still get a fine perhaps someone from Calvia would like to pop over to the UK to collect as I'm definitely not coming back to pay it! Jan Andersen–Page
Wiltshire, UK


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