Dear Editor, MR. Graham Phillips says in his letter on Tuesday, 6 Feb, he is not sure if local councils need costly departments set up to deal with foreign residents and he thinks it is just a way of enticing foreigners to vote.

As someone who is relatively new to the island, I cannot praise the help we got from Calvia council's foreign department highly enough.
Like so many newcomers we were faced with a barrage of confusing issues and advice and it was only when we presented ourselves at the town hall did someone help us make sense of it all and help us sort out all our problems. They did it with patience, kindness and genuine concern. I think Mr. Phillips is being a bit cynical if he thinks all this is just a vote catcher. Where I come from in Britain the local town hall, hospital and all public services have signs in loads of different languages to help newcomers feel at home and integrate. We came to Majorca because, besides loving the Spanish, it is an international island that welcomes people from many nationalities here. It's wonderful to know that there are facilities here to help people like us settle in and integrate and I and many people I know rely on Calvia's foreigners department as the first point of contact in getting to understand how things are done here. It would be a crying shame if it were closed down for whatever reason.

Yours truly, Mrs. Christine Fahey, Santa Ponsa
Dear Editor, HAVING read the letters from John Rule, 3rd February and Graham Phillips 6th February in regard to the Municipal Elections this coming May, I fully share the views advanced by Mr Phillips.

From time to time, you give plenty of space to invited guests of the Conservatives abroad and fully report their meetings.
As a resident I want to get involved and have a say in our municipal elections but, other than thinking I am a Tory I will vote for the P.P or I am a Socialist I will vote for the PSOE I am afraid I know nothing about the politics of the various parties who will be putting up candidates in May.

The suggestion by Mr Phillips for the Daily Bulletin to get involved and give it's readers a weekly profile would be very interesting indeed. It would also be informative and possibly create more discussion amongst foreign residents who would like to vote but do not know enough to get involved.

So who is right. Have we got until 16th April to register to vote, or did it close at the end of January. So come on Editor, pick up this very interesting challenge Who knows, Mr Phillips ideas may even sell more copies of what is already a very readable newspaper.

Ray Durkin Santa Ponsa. l Editor's reply: Thank you for your kind words, Mr Durkin, and as usual for the local elections we will be publishing some profiles of the leading candidates. We also envisage publishing a special Monday edition with all the election results.


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