by Jason Moore

I have a solution to Spain´s enormous economic crisis. It would save billions and probably result in a better-working public administration. If I were Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy I would take key powers away from the country´s regional administrations. Health and Education could very easily be handed back to Madrid saving billions. A single Ministry for Health could administrate all Spain´s hospital and health centres. This move would reduce red tape and duplication. A single health policy for the whole country isn´t a bad idea either. Education could also be handed back to Madrid which would lead to a common education policy for the whole country. Some regional leaders have already hinted that this is the best way forward as Spain battles to reduce its enormous budget deficit. Each province of Spain has its own regional administration which costs billions. It is a luxury which the country can no longer afford. There must be so much duplication and the cost is enormous. The time has come for some very painful decisions in Spain. The country just has far too many civil servants which these days the government can no longer afford to pay. Being a civil servant is one of the most sought after jobs in the country...I wonder why! Unless the Spanish government starts to dismantle the regions empire it is going to struggle to meet its financial targets. The party is over and the time has come for a return to direct rule from Madrid. Regional control is far too expensive.


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