by Jason Moore

I have always thought that Real Mallorca Football Club would be a brilliant vehicle to promote the island abroad and on the mainland. Back in the days when Mallorca played in Europe I even suggested that the local ministry for tourism could organise a promotional roadshow to coincide with Mallorca´s away matches in Europe. Football and tourism, what a great mix. But now Real Mallorca in their wisdom (?) have decided that they will promote a Mexican holiday destination on their shirts. It is like Chelsea promoting Arsenal! To make matters worse I know for a fact that a group of leading Mallorca fans were quite willing to match the offer from the Mexican resort and would have placed the words “Mallorca” on the local team´s shirts rather than Riviera Maya which looks very much out of place. I think this state of affairs rather sums up Majorca at the moment. We have a fantastic island which is the envy of the world which is being hampered by the antics of a few mindless officials. I would call on the local authorities to take action to ensure that Real Mallorca is promoting Majorca again. I know that times are hard and sponsorship deals are difficult to find but it would have been far easier to find a sponsor here than in Mexico! And finally Real Mallorca must know that they have made a big mistake, because the chairman of Real Mallorca, Jaume Cladera, was once the local minister for tourism who spearheaded the island´s promotion drive.


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