Dear Sir,

WITH the kill ratio approaching 125:1 due to Israeli military superiority, the facile, oft propagated and repeated excuse that Israel is simply defending her regime, against starving, sick, defenceless civilians is insultingly fallacious.

Israel aims to impose a compliant “Vichy” Palestinian Government. To eradicate Hamas, democratically elected by 45 percent of the electorate, implies that Israel will have to bomb, imprison and kill not only elected members of Parliament, but almost half the population. The ruling regime, led by Olmert, whose ruthless and cowardly bombing of civilians from the safety of F16 fighters, tanks and naval destroyers, is supported by 90 percent of Jews, has diminished Israel's dubious reputation even further, by flagrantly but predictably violating the Israeli Supreme Court order to allow the world's press into Gaza.

Friends of Israel are sickened by the atrocities from the Gaza concentration camp. Israel is now a de-facto military state, violating not only 450 UN resolutions, the 4th Geneva convention and human rights, but even violating the laws of the apartheid Jewish state itself.

All decent people, including decent Jews, shamed by Israel's atrocities, should offer to give refuge to a starving Palestinian child, as my family are doing, and call for Israel's eviction from the UN - until Israel respects her 1967 legal borders and International law.

Dr. Garry and Dr. Irene Bonsall



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