By Jason Moore

RESTAURANT owners are furious over the no-smoking ban which has recently come into force.

They say it will cost them a fortune. I would say that many in Palma already started the year with a drop in takings. On Saturday night I walked around the centre of Palma desperately trying to find a restaurant which was open. Okay it was New Year´s Day and many had been open until the early hours the night before. But to my horror I found that the majority of restaurants had closed. It was Saturday night there were plenty of tourists about and no restaurants. As it was the start of the year I thought I would splash out on a good dinner but to no avail. In the end I ended up having dinner in a sandwich bar which was one of the few businesses which was open.

What a disgrace. The smoking ban will be tough for restaurants but they must ensure that they are open, also. It is ridiculous that the majority close on Sundays in Palma and on public holidays. There is no excuse. In these tough times restaurants need to make a major effort to offer quality food at reasonable prices. They must also remain open. It is no good just moaning and complaining about lost trade and the smoking ban. In these hard times restaurants need to be open all hours.


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