I agree partially with you both and disagree partially with you both. I have lived on Majorca almost 54 years since 1959 and visited twice before that in 1955 and 1957, never in Palma. I have generally found the Majorcans helpful and pleasant although there are always a few exceptions. Of course, in the 50s and 60s, many local people thought all foreigners living here were wealthy; otherwise how could we have afforded to travel so far from home and live here, many of us at least, without working (this did not apply to me, I hasten to add). So some Majorcans were envious of the foreigners. It is true, I think, that local people seldom say thank you for gifts. Certainly over the years I have given many wedding presents and seldom received an acknowledgment. In my opinion managers and owners of shops and restaurants fail to train their employees in how to deal with customers. Frequently, one has to stand waiting for a shop assistant to finish what is obviously a personal telephone call or conversation in order to be waited on. One of my favorite shops in Sóller -- and this I told the dueña and also the TV camera which was covering a program in which I was taking part -- is one where an employee comes to greet an entering customer with a smile.

When the euro came into existence there is no doubt that many businesses took advantage of the situation and charged one euro for what had cost 100 pesetas previously. When that happened to me, they lost my future custom. On the other hand, many restaurants and cafes are now offering very reasonable snacks and meals. You, Jason, seem to have encountered a number of very stupid businessmen.

Elena Davis


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