Dear Sir,

In Thursday's Daily Bulletin Anton Barkhuysen wrote that in my letter of 10th January I condemned the invasion of Afghanistan.
This is not so. Here are the relative extracts: “The second reference concerns another invasion this time Afghanistan, not ours of 2001 but the earlier one by the USSR in 1979. This led to Margaret Thatcher announcing a boycott of the upcoming Moscow Olympics of 1980. Not everyone agreed especially many of the athletes who had trained hard for years for their events.

It is perhaps poetic justice Baron Coe of Ranmore is now running the UK Olympics – let's hope the former Communist World doesn't adopt a boycott over our continued invasion of Afghanistan”.

These are facts and hopes not opinions.
It may surprise some but I was in favour of the invasion and that of the Falkland Islands. I was also in favour of the invasion of Iraq and would like to see established a World Police Force preferably under UN auspices.

I do admit to being guilty of poking fun at the 2-faced posture of politicians over justified invasions (ours) and unjustified invasions (theirs).

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma


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