By Jason Moore
FREE concerts, the famous night of fire and lots more; who says that nothing happens in Majorca during the winter. Palma has just staged an impressive week-long party which could have attracted thousands of weekend getaway tourists. I said could because unfortunately the San Sebastian festivities have done little to help the local tourist industry which has basically closed down for the winter. No-one allegedly wants to come here during the low season because there is nothing going on. If only the San Sebastian festivities had been promoted at all the international trade fairs which the Island authorities visit every year, I am convinced that tourists would have come down for the weekend to share in the fun. Next month we have the carnival period which is also a hugely popular event. So Majorca needs to spread the word that plenty happens on the island during the winter and in Palma everything is open (well not on Saturday afternoons and Sundays but that is another story!). So as I have said before in this space all that is needed is some imagination and promotion and San Sebastian could become a highlight both for local residents and tourists.

From the Three Kings' parade to San Sebastian to the Carnival period, there are plenty of events which would be of interest. Unfortunately, I get the impression that many people in tourism have thrown in the towel when it comes to winter tourism. Perhaps, as this year is going to be difficult, it might make everyone involved in tourism get their act together again and use the same inspiration which made this island one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


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