Hate to be a party pooper for Mr. Ash and at the risk of being labelled a Looney Left Guardianista but I found his column rather smug and a little condescending. The Palestinians do not hold the monopoly on zealots or hate filled sects as I ‘m sure will be seen by some of the extreme and hard line parties that will no doubt be voted into a coalition government in Israel shortly. Some of these ‘religious‘ zealots could give Hamas a run for their money. That the Palestinians have been cursed with weak and corrupt leaders there is no doubt yet the ordinary Palestinian is treated like a second class citizen, walled into ghettos, restricted in movement, open to internment without trial, road blocks and special passes and ID cards. Of course we've seen all this before, haven't we? A case of history repeating itself perhaps? As to loving or hating their children more, perhaps if Israel obeyed a few UN resolutions and returned the land they illegally occupy it would go some way to solving the problem. Regards
Steve Humphries


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