By Jason Moore
I never thought I would be writing in defence of George Galloway, the controversial MP who has shocked the political establishment by taking part in Celebrity Big Brother. Him being in the house has plenty of advantages. Firstly, everyone can see what he is really like and hopefully he will be ejected from his seat at the next general election (or even sooner!) but secondly and probably more importantly, why shouldn't he take part in one of the most popular programmes on British television? I seem to remember that Michael Portillo made a programme about surviving on a single mum's living allowance when he was an MP, Ann Widdecombe MP has been on TV on more occasions than I care to remember and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown appear to have a permanent place on the GMTV couch and Charles Kennedy even fronted Have I Got News For You. The list goes on. No Galloway on Big Brother has plenty of advantages and I am sure that many of the MPs who are now criticising him would have taken part if they had been asked. Don't dismiss, the millions of viewers of Big Brother either, after all they are the electorate. Well done George, you have taken a major gamble and it could just work.
Hopefully, it will all end in tears but you have to admire his tenacity and courage. But please, Big Brother viewers don't vote him out just yet.
And finally an appeal from my good friend Donald Gaffney. His wife Norma has gone into hospital and he is naturally feeling rather lonely. He can be contacted on 971 405098 Norma is in Son Dureta hospital where she will remain for about a week. Donald, don't worry all your friends are with you.


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