Dear Sir,
WHAT a difference a month makes! It is now four weeks since the government started its traffic crackdown ,and the police have applied it intermittently but concienciously. I have to admit to a degree of surprise, but the Palma police have joined in as well. The change to driving standards and quality of life has been astounding . I hasten to add there is still some way to go, and most people fear, myself included, that when the campaign is over, traffic policing will diminish and the previous intolerable situation will return. Might I suggest ,through your good offices, that before we have yet another high powered political conference to pontificate ,yet again, about the slaughter on the Majorcan roads, the government be persuaded to continue a high level of traffic policing, add clamping down on illegal parking, and see what effect this has on accident statistics. Most of us lesser mortals feel that appalling driving standards by the few, and lack of consistent policing, probably go a long way to explain the accident statistics, but I have never seen these quoted by any politician as a suggested reason. Pressure from the press has so far been remarkably effective; please keep the pressure up. Perhaps a prominent display of the fines that can, and should ,be applied for traffic offences would persuade the remaining offenders, or their parents, to comply. Lets face it, they are largely a great irritant and nuisance to the public and other drivers, but they are top of the list of accident probabilities.
Dr. Geoffrey M. Welham, by e-mail


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