Dear Sir,

Steve Humphries seems to be a reasonably intelligent fellow, but he must try to stop blinding himself to proven and established fact. I will go over them once more for him, but after that I am afraid this correspondence must end.

So, please try to concentrate Steve old pal.
Fact !. An international agreement was signed by the heads of the victorious nations from the 1914-1918 war (including Britain's PM), at San Remo in April 1920. As a result three new states were created: Mesopotamia (now Iraq) Syria and Palestine, which was created, as the agreement says, specifically and solely to be the homeland for the Jewish nation. The frontiers of this Jewish land are given as being roughly the same as biblical Israel, covering both the East and West banks of the River Jordan.

Fact 2. In 1922 this agreement was ratified by the League of Nations, then the highest legal authority in the world.
Fact 3 Once ratified, an international agreement becomes immanent and immutable. Even the fact that Britain grabbed 77% of Jewish Palestine (now known as Israel) to illegally create Trans-Jordan, (a country that was not recognised for its first three years by any country in the world barring Britain and The Cameroons), cannot alter it. All it can mean in international law is, that the ‘two-state solution' already exists insofar as Jordan lies within the borders of legally Jewish Palestine (Israel).

Fact 4 Article 80 of the formative documents of the UN says quite clearly it has no authority to cancel or alter in any way an international agreement previously ratified by the lFact 5. The 'Palestine' being claimed by the Arabs is an imaginary state, created circa 1967 by Arafat and the Arab League for political purposes only. It is a 'land' without history, borders, mores, customs, or any language specific unto itself. Furthermore, there has never been a Muslim Palestine in all history.

Fact 5 There are no laws in Israel differentiating Israeli Arabs from Israeli Jews. All Israelis are equal under Israeli law. Indeed, there are a number of Arab MK's sitting in the Knesset..

So that's it Steve my friend. Facts not fantasy. I know how you and many other have been blinded by Arab propaganda and Western anti-Semitism.
But sooner or later you and others will have to take off the blinkers. Maybe now is as good a time as any.

David Lee


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