By Jason Moore

The Balearic and Madrid governments were busy telling anyone who would listen yesterday that the economic recovery was taking hold after the fall in unemployment. Now, I don´t want to ruin the party but if unemployment doesn't fall now when all hotels, restaurants, bars and shops are open in the resorts, then it will never do so. May is the month when hotel chains recruit their staff. The bad news is that despite the drop in the jobless rate there are still almost 4.5 million people without employment in Spain and this is despite the fact that the tourist industry has already finished recruiting. Spain has a serious unemployment problem which needs to be addressed. The construction industry, which was one of the biggest employers in the country, is still reeling from the recession. I know that money is still tight but perhaps the government should consider investing their limited funds in big infrastructure projects which would create jobs and get the economy moving. A classic example in Palma would be to finish the ill-fated convention centre on the sea-front which is still half finished. I sincerely doubt that economic recovery has taken hold in Spain. There are still big concerns over the enormous deficit and the welfare bill every month is enormous. The Spanish government has said that it expects the economy to come out of recession early next year. There is still plenty to do before we say farewell to the recession.