HAVE you noticed how the euphoria around Euro 2004 has even affected the island's Mayors and councillors. This week the Palma city council officials were claiming that soon all beaches within the city boundaries would have blue flags for excellence from the European Union in the same way as England coach Sven Goren Eriksson was saying that his side would now go on and win the World Cup in Germany in two years time. Even officials in Pollensa have confidently forecast their success in four years time. Defeat, with Majorca being awarded far fewer blues flags for excellence, has already been turned into a victory speech with the future looking, bright, rosy and in some cases blue. But the problem is the same as the England football squad. In other words we need success now not later. The Balearics has built a billion-euro industry out of its beaches and if they are not up to scratch then the islands have big problems. I am particularly interested in what is going to happen in two or four years time, what matters at the moment is that we are facing a major shortfall in tourists and the flags are not flying. Instead of shutting down for the winter efforts must be made to ensure that all beaches are in a first rate condition before the start of the summer season. Unfortunately as the season gets shorter by the year the authorities have far more time. Why aren't the beaches up to scratch? It's the question local councils should be asking themselves? Why is it that sea-weed has not been removed from the water's edge? Why is it that some beaches look like giant ash-trays? Why is it that some parts of the island have excellent facilities while others are still struggling. No more excuses, please, we need decent results. And that goes to the island's Mayor and Mr. Eriksson as well.