By Jason Moore YOU wouldn´t have thought that there was a credit crunch when you see the amount of money being spent by Real Madrid on non-Spanish players. It is simply outrageous and I do hope that the costly-formed group of mercenaries who will be playing for Madrid next season, fail. Why, because I think it is a disgrace. At a time when Spain is in deep recession Real Madrid splash out almost 100 million euros on Ronaldo. It was good business for Manchester United who walk away with a nice profit but for Real Madrid? I don´t think. The Spanish giants believe that they are going to make the money back by selling more shirts. Many neutrals (who will probably buy the bulk of shirts) are probably more interested in paying the mortgage than spending 100 euros on a Madrid shirt with Ronaldo´s name on the back. Whatever, happened to investing in Spanish talent? Is foreign best at Real Madrid? No, I sincerely hope that Barcelona win the league again next season. They may have foreign stars but at least some of the people have come through the ranks and know the history of the club. If the Real Madrid dream team succeeds it will show that money can buy everything but if it doesn´t Madrid will feel the full force of the credit.