By Jason Moore FULL marks to the Andratx Port authority for bringing in floating quays or pontoons to resolve the shortage of moorings. There was some concern at the start of the summer, when the port authority announced that boat owners would no longer be allowed to tie-up on so-called “swinging moorings” and that there would be a severe shortage of berths. But the pontoons, which have been used in the Port of Mahon for years, have solved the problem. Which leads me to my next question; why is it that floating quays are not used in other parts of the island? It would certainly help resolve the problem of a lack of moorings in the summer months. During the winter they could simply be removed. While some sections of the local tourist industry allegedly would like to see the Balearics become one giant yacht club with a golf course in the middle, there is only a shortage of facilities during the peak summer months (or these days weeks). So in other.words more yacht clubs are not really needed you could probably get away with using the pontoons. A good sensible idea which will also mean that boats will not have to be turned away. A shortage of moorings, yes perhaps, but with a bit of imagination it is amazing what can be achieved at little cost.