By Jason Moore

I was sad to see yesterday that Alan Whicker, the journalist and broadcaster had died aged 87. He was a legend. I interviewed him at the Hotel Victoria in Palma in 1991 when he was making a programme about the island. He was a perfect gentleman and despite a busy filming programme he made time to talk to the Bulletin. I remember asking him how journalism had changed since he started working in the industry. His reply has stuck with me ever since: “When I first started we would go out and get the story, now the story-line is already decided before you leave the studio.” In otherwords what he was saying was that these days and I'm talking twenty years ago, journalists are basically told what story to get. It is an interesting observation. And of course he was right. You can put any angle on a news story, it is just finding the required angle. Alan Whicker, you will be sadly missed. ****** WHAT an amazing turn around for Majorca's tourism fortunes this week. Up until Tuesday, the official line was that the island would have a record summer season. Now, Majorca is heading for one of the worst seasons in recent years. How could the local authorities get the story so wrong? Half the car hire fleet is parked up, restaurants and bars are reporting a drop in takings and hoteliers are concerned. Some-one got their figures very wrong.