By Jason Moore
WHAT is the point of showing your passport at the airport if it is not going to be properly checked? I find it absolutely incredible that the head of Interpol should call on Britain to be more thorough when it comes to looking at passports at entry points. So in other-words despite the fact that you have to queue for long periods of time at passport control at British airports it is a completely pointless exercise because the person who should be looking at your passport and checking the information is not doing so. The warning from the Interpol chief comes at a time when Britain is allegedly on red alert for terror attacks and security has been stepped-up. So far an investigation has been ordered into foreign NHS doctors in the light of the failed terror attacks earlier this month and there are calls for a further investigation into the aborted terror attacks on London transport two years ago. Instead of spending time and energy on useless investigations which are just going to tell us what we already know, perhaps the time has come for a complete review of border security; in other-words airport staff should check passports. Also, perhaps the British police could abandon their latest idea of wandering around airports with large machine guns. They may look the part but I sincerely doubt they would stop a terrorist, further alarm for an already worried general public.


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