Dear Editor, I'm wading my way through some 700+ junk e–mails, and as ever, the office doors are open to the street – it's a beautiful day, and we want people to feel free to walk in.

Two young Spanish guys wander in, about 16 – 17 years old, each holding a sheaf of newspapers. They approach my desk and politely ask, in Spanish, whether I want to buy a newspaper. I notice it's a football paper, entitled 'AS', and I say, 'Gracias, no'. One asks if I'll pay even 50c, and pushed the paper across my desk. I look him in the eye and say firmly, 'Gracias, no! Por favor, fuera!* and point to the open doors.

They apologise and leave. 20 minutes later, I notice my 500 euro mobile phone is gone from on top of my desk.
I went to the Guardia Civil to place my Denuncia,(statement) and the policeman explains it's a common type of Distraction theft, although more routinely practised on the terraces of restaurants.

Our local youths have now upped their game and have started targetting offices and shops, a fact confirmed by another fellow Estate Agent in Puerto Andratx who told me he had had the same experience, albeit without loss.

Please publish this letter to alert our business, resident and indeed tourist community to this new, innovative approach to theft! The two individuals were in their mid–to–late teens, both were wearing shorts and football tops. They were both of a very dark complexion and both had thick, dark, wavy hair.

I expect there's a gang, so appearances will differ.
Name and address withheld by request.