Dear Sir, I am sure that most readers would agree that the tourist tax is unpopular and is, quite rightly, being abolished.
I can only guess from Paula Nunn's letter (Bulletin 15.07.03) that she is traveling to the island with 5 others for a fortnight for the tax to be costing 60pounds. I do not agree with a couple of the points she made. Firstly we (Spain) do not set the price of holidays so would be unable to”price (y)our holidays accordingly”.
Secondly “All Inclusive” refers to a meal plan, i.e all food and drink included; at a specific hotel/resort and does not refer to taxes, surcharges etc. just as it does not include sun loungers on Palma Nova beach or entry to Palma Cathedral. The tax is unpleasant, but its unfair to blame the island because her travel agent failed to tell her about it. I'm sure she doesn't complain about the lower taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and luxury goods, even all inclusive these are paid for at some level. Just think about it as taking with one hand and returning it with the other. But most of all relax and enjoy your time on a beautiful island.
Yours sincerely
Tony Waltho (Palma)
K Wish You
Were Here surprise
Dear Editor, Re: letters to the Editor.
I was very surprised at the sentiment portrayed in the letter that you published from Edith Knight from Oxford regarding ITV's “wish you were here?” programme. Being a frequent visitor myself to the island I inquisitively watched the programme on Sunday evening.
I agree that some of the content was a little unexpected in the way a lot of the broadcast featured Judith Chalmers being initiated into the job as a Thomson Holiday rep. rather than the programme exploiting the various charms of the island. Also I could not understand why a long feature about a failed venture was included in a holiday programme. What was shown and was very positive, and taken for granted, was the clean un–crowded sandy beaches that the presenters were filmed on. The quality of property for sale implied that Majorca is a favourite place for the rich and famous to have holiday homes. What was also encouraging was the coverage on the latest growing popularity of the independent holidaymaker booking on the Internet and travelling via low–cost airlines and then using a local accommodation agency (prima–travel.com) to choose their own “Bargain priced quality accommodation.” Dear editor let's not have too many negative ultra critical letters printed. The programme was clearly not only about holidays. The island has a lot to offer and I would like to think that tourism will flourish so that the many of thousands of annual visitors will still want and be able to visit their favourite location, and to enjoy the many positive attributes that Majorca offeers. Hopefully ITV's “wish you were here?” will continually want to feature great holidays in Majorca for all ages and tastes. I hope that you will find space in your excellent newspaper to print this response! David Edwards, Rustington, England
K I gave to the standard of living you enjoy today
Dear Sir, A s a frequent visitor to this lovely island for the past 50 years, I feel I must write a reply to your editorial of 15 July '03.
1) Surely any comments made by anyone involved in the life blood of this island (tourism), should be of major concern to those involved.
2) As one of the “hot millions” of years ago, I consider I contributed greatly to the standard of living you enjoy today, and therefore feel insulted by your comments.
3) If you wish to continue having the standard of living you enjoy today - I suggest you listen to:
A) Local Hoteliers, Shopkeepers, business people, who have been telling you for the past year, there needs to be a change in direction plus attitude (as is evident by your article).
B) Your guests, the tourists, be provided now with the means of informing you of what changes THEY feel should be made to make their holiday more enjoyable/interesting and themselves more WELCOME.
C) The Travel agents who (this year) are not promoting your island (not surprising when they read articles like your editorial).
I, for one, have found your comments damaging and feel that you would prefer I holidayed somewhere else, where they would appreciate more my hard earned cash.
I ask myself - why do I return to the U.K. trying to promote the island when certain sectors seem intent on pressing the self-destruct button.
Yours sincerely, Barbara Heamcock.