Dear Sir, Ray Fleming obviously spends a lot of his time searching for items of news which are critical of Israel.
His latest comes out of a directive from the same EU which has previously issued directives on straight bananas as opposed to the curved variety, and also insisting that child rapists and murderers should never receive a life sentence in prison because it is cruel and unfair to them. This is just another example of their tunnel vision. But, as ever, Fleming is too quick to point up this ludicrously one-sided EU directive against Israel - but very tardy when it comes to mentioning the reason for it: the EU's desperate need for the Arab oil money at present deposited in European banks, the withdrawal of which could bring about another major banking crisis.

In my previous letters I have explained Israel's absolute legal rights to both banks of the River Jordan. It is unfortunate for Israel that for the above stated financial reasons, it is necessary at present for the EU to pretend they do not exist.

But within 10 years or so, the need for Saudi oil will diminish almost entirely. Then Israel's rights and economic values will be recognised and poor old Ray Fleming will be left searching the papers and magazines in vain for an excuse to vent his anti-Israel/Jewish rhetoric.

Sincerely, David Lee
Costa de la Calma