By Jason Moore

I was rather shocked to read an article in a top British newspaper over the weekend which said that Majorca was now the eighth most popular tourist destination with British tourists.

So in the space of a few years Majorca has gone from being on the top spot to place number eight. Turkey, the Greek Islands and even Minorca are ahead of Majorca, which is quite amazing. But is anyone really surprised? Yesterday, someone related to me a story of two British youths who were set upon by prostitutes in Magalluf and robbed of their belongings.

They reported the incident to the police but residents in Magalluf are still furious as to why prostitutes are allowed to work the streets of the resort. There appears to be an endless list of complaints about the island at the moment and the local authorities urgently need to take action. The fact that Majorca has dropped seven places in the popularity stakes is a clear indication that all is not well within our principal industry. I get the impression that the local authorities are either powerless or do not want to tackle some of the some severe problems which are facing the industry at the moment. Unless something is done soon I can see Majorca continuing to tumble in the popularity stakes.