DEAR SIR PALMA wants to be the cultural city of Europe. This will never happen until the Botellon and the illegal street traders are banned.

Palma- City of Culture

Why is the mayor of Palma so lily-livered?

Pam Smith

DEAR SIR, REGARDING the article several copies ago about speedo's and how older men and boys should wear shorts, well let me inform you at the age of 62, I am a long term advocate of speedo's why you may ask.

Reason one, I started my career as a life guard at the age of 18 wearing my trusty speedo's and I am sure of all the lives I saved were many because I moved through the water faster because my speedo's created no drag and as a young man I looked damn handsome wearing speedos.

But now I am older and have the slight beer belly and you may say, look at the silly old man in his speedos but when I come out of the water I know in ten minutes they are bone dry. Also you don't see many Olympic swimmers in floppy swim shorts and when I take them off I don't look as if I am still wearing white boxer pants because my legs are tanned to the top.

So as I come to the end of my letter, I would like to add when I die, don't bury me in my Armani suit, bury me in my speedo's and when I go through the gates of hell, the devil will say the swimming pool is over there on the left and John enjoy yourself.


John Smithson
Puerto Soller