Dear Sir,

One really has to feel some sympathy for the poor guy in Son Espases hospital who had 4 heart attacks while busy writing out complaint forms, according to a Staff reporter Sunday 17th July,2011. When I was in there in May, I was too ill to even think about complaint forms, but good for him, no wonder he kept his name out of it.

Your page 5 headline “ Complaints intensify at Son Espases “ certainly give the impression that things are not in good order. My wife and I have unfortunately had to spend time in both Son Dureta and Son Espases, over the past 13 years. We have been, and currently are out patients at Son Espases.

It does not matter whether we have been in the emergency areas, waiting to be moved to a room, or waiting as an out patient to see a consultant, or dealing with appointments. The attention and care we have received from doctors and nursing staff, including the help of the interpreters has been nothing but impecable.

Our out patient dates have sometimes been changed or cancelled, but there has always been an understandable reason for this Of course hospital staff will come under pressure, it is the nature of what hospitals deal with from accidents through to emergency admissions when they have to pull out the stops to save a patients life.

Perhaps your staff reporter was just wandering round with his camera, looking for a story. He obviously could not talk to the medical staff, they were too busy with patients.

Perhaps the nameless people complaining were not able to communicate themselves in Spanish. Whose fault is that?
Yours faithfully
R.A. Durkin
Santa Ponsa

Dear Sir, The Balearic Islands has one of the largest non-Spanish European populations of the nation.
They are disgusted with the new green certificate residence permits as featured in Viewpoint (Friday 15th) “smaller but still useless”.
We are an Autonomous Community. Autonomous means Self Governing so I ask Jose Ramon Bauza, the new Balearic leader, why he can't unilaterally reintroduce our old style residence permits without wasting further years of useless reference to Madrid?

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma


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