By Jason Moore

The Palma city council has announced that they no longer want binge drinking tourists along the Playa de Palma and officials have said that they want to take the resorts up-market catering for big spending holidaymakers from the Gulf and Far East. So how exactly does the city council plan to transform Arenal and Can Pastilla into resorts which tourists will travel half way across the globe to visit? It is certainly an ambitious plan and I wish the council luck but it is going to take millionsof euros of investment and a complete facelift for Arenal. The council have been rather silly because their plan is just a pipe dream and they have just rather insulted all the tourists who go on holiday to the Playa de Palma who provide much revenue for the city council. For as long as I can remember the local authorities have been talking about changing the so-called tourist model and going up-market. But the city council must realise that every resort in the world wants to attract the mega rich from the Gulf and Far East. The Playa de Palma has many problems which the city council have been unable to resolve ranging from street prostitution to petty crime. If the council are serious then they want to launch a major crackdown in Arenal and resolve some of the problems which have been highlighted by the German media. I wish the council luck with their ambitious plan and if they are successful I will be the first to congratulate them. But I won't be holding my breath.