By Jason Moore MUCH as a I dislike Gordon Brown the last thing the Labour Party should be pondering is ditching him as leader. Let us not forget that Tony Blair is the elected leader of Britain as far as the voters are concerned. It could be argued that the great British public knew at the time of the last general election that Blair would be stepping down and Gordon Brown would be taking over. So roughly speaking he does have a mandate from the voters to lead. I would have preferred if Brown had called an election as a soon as he became Prime Minister to give the voters their say. But he didn´t and as a direct result he will always suffer from the fact that he was not elected Prime Minister at the last election. But speculation that some sections of the Labour party want Brown to step-down and yet another new leader elected are only going to make the problem worse. Brown should call an election and let the voters have their say. While the opinion polls point to a Labour defeat I am not convinced. David Cameron is ahead in the polls because Labour is unpopular but I think that the voters have serious doubts about him. The only way Brown can survive is to call an election and let the voters decide. Who knows he might just win.