By Humphrey Carter,

I am at a loss, as I know many people are across the island no less a community living on the Monport development in the Port of Andraitx.
I was always under the impression that it is illegal to carry out heavy exterior construction work during the peak months of July and August because of the noise and general discomfort it causes the neighbours.

However, I think someone on the quiet has changed the law.
For example, for the past four weeks, I have been woken every morning at 7am by a small army of labourers replastering the exterior of a large block of apartments adjacent to and the cooler spare bedroom we use in the Summer in order to get a good night's sleep.

But, I think this may be another grey area because, on the very last day of July, all the scaffolding, and I am talking a large block of flats, came down in record time, but paving work which involves the use of large electric cutters continues.

And, the same is happening in Monport where neighbours are unable to sit out in their gardens and use their pools because of heavy demolition work being carried out.

Scores of residents have to leave their homes every day and go to the beach or elsewhere to avoid the disruption to what they had hoped would have been a nice relaxing holiday on the island.

Answers on an email please and I am still keen to know exactly what an MEP does or perhaps nobody knows either.