Dear Sir,

I am sure the Bulletin well understands and appreciates the value of their Columnist Ray Fleming and, of course, his ability to attract so many letter writers who see things differently.

However some of these, of late, are a bit “OTT”. Alas, in pointing out his “bias” in certain areas they just seem to go on and blatantly display their own. Yes, of course, Ray Fleming tends to favour the rights of the many rather than of the few (as certainly arithmetically, most people should).

The few, of course, are so able to amass a force through lobbying and be such a massive power in media opinion.

Indeed, it is refreshing to find and read how he (RF) sees it - often differently . Power to your pen, Mr Fleming.

Yours faithfully, Philip Burns Son Caliu

Dear Sir,

With soon-to-be new owner of Real Mallorca, Paul “The Plumber” Davidson allegedly appointing his old friend Keith Wyness as chief executive at the club, will that now make Señor Wyness' job description “plumber's mate” ?!

Visca Mallorca

Monro Bryce


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