DEAR SIR, DID you serve in the British or Allied armed services or essential civilian services during WW2? Over the last year or so I have been hearing from WW2 veterans from across the UK, and I am now sending this appeal to Majorca. I would like to find out what your opinions are of the UK today and how you have found life since the end of the war. Did you struggle to adjust to civvy street? Has there been enough support for veterans? I am a freelance writer and plan to compile a book with your opinions of life in 2009 and your memories of war. Is it a disappointment or are you happy with how Britain has turned out? What do you think your fallen comrades would have made of life in 21st Century Britain? All opinions are welcome, if possible provide a bit about your war experience and memories, your views on the UK, your name, age, rank and regiment. It would also be interesting to hear why you moved to Spain and how you find living there. If you request your name will not be published if you would prefer to remain anonymous. Letters can be sent to N. Pringle at P.O Box 1110, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 2XL, UK. I hope to hear from you soon.

Nick Pringle


AFTER the awful attack last week perhaps there might be some good news for Majorca. My wife tried to book a holiday in our local Thomson travel agent at lunch time. As the weather here is pretty awful it was perhaps little surprise to see a queue waiting for assistants. Not only a queue but a large queue.

A surge of late bookings is just what Majorca needs right now. I do hope so.

Stuart Allsop