By Jason Moore
WHAT a nightmare job the police in the tourist resorts have during the summer months in the Balearics. They can't overstep the mark because they will be accused of ruining the holiday season but they still must ensure that the tourists do not break the law. This year, I am told, there has been an increase in incidents in the two resorts popular with young British holidaymakers, San Antonio in Ibiza and Magalluf in Calvia. Things have got so bad that the British Consul, Paul Abrey, has offered the local authorities the support and full co-operation of the British police. Both Magalluf and San Antonio have always had a bad reputation but I thing it's reaching a point that things are starting to get out of hand. Police numbers and patrols in Magalluf have been increased this summer but perhaps the time has come for even greater action. I'm not suggesting that Magalluf and San Antonio should be turned into two mini police states with a curfew and ban on late night drinking but some sort of action needs to be taken. Gangland style shootings such as the one in Ibiza this week have no place in a group of islands which pride themselves on their family image. The time has come to tackle the problem root and branch before it is too late. More police need to be drafted into the conflictive resorts and while a zero tolerance policy might be too strong obviously something needs to be done.


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